Hope in the Journey

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Help for those who struggle with relational and sexual brokenness.
Hicking group. Two young teen help another up a hill

Life is a journey. We are here to help you learn how to navigate the hills and valleys using the word of God as your compass. Change begins as deeper heart issues are uncovered and you learn that you are a beloved daughter of God.

  • 20 Week Study
  • In-Person Small Group Setting
  • Understanding why you struggle with relationships
  • Learn how the Gospel brings new life

You can find hope and healing as you live out God’s word in your relationships.

Please contact us for more information and to find out when the next small group is starting. We can be reached at 307-745-3444, Monday-Thursday 8 am-4 pm, or by email at info@heart2heart.center.

Heart to Heart

We are a Christian, non-profit counseling and medical pregnancy resource clinic that is committed to providing excellent care.

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