Who Are Overcomers?

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A group of kids in huddle bending over to peer into camera

Students face many challenges in their lives.  Our program educates youth regarding the challenges and temptations they will face in adolescence. The curriculum includes a biblical based curriculum that is fun, interactive, and full of age-appropriate activities developed to teach personal growth, character development, and how to have healthy relationships with friends and family.  We want our students to become leaders in our community and in their school.


Weekly, our educators meet with students in our after-school program. We also host a week long program for students during the summer. Our topics include the following:

  • Leadership & Communication Skills
  • Circles of Influence
  • Friendship 101
  • Legendary Character
  • Investigating Grace
  • Bringing Out The Best
  • Generosity
  • How To Be Happy
  • Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving
  • Survival Skills
  • Dangerously Influential
  • Fabulous Life of a Teenager
  • Shine
  • Cal, Cool, & Curious

Heart to Heart

We are a Christian, non-profit counseling and medical pregnancy resource clinic that is committed to providing excellent care.

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