What’s so important about Ultrasounds?

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Our nurses offer a free ultrasound because it is possible to have a positive pregnancy test and not have a viable pregnancy.
Ultrasound scanner being used on patient

UltrasoundBut why do ultrasounds matter?

Ultrasounds are important because they give a visual overview of the pregnancy. Pregnancy tests can indicate the presence of the HCG hormone in the urine. An ultrasound can help confirm the viability of the pregnancy. Approximately 1 in 5 first trimester pregnancies result in miscarriage

Our clinic offers free and confidential limited obstetrical ultrasounds. A limited obstetrical ultrasound can provide information to help determine if the pregnancy is in the uterus, if there is a heartbeat, and the estimated gestational age.

It’s important to know that our ultrasounds cannot and should not replace regular prenatal care with your OB/GYN doctor.

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