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Summer Classes

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Heart to Heart's certified trainer Elaine will be teaching on interactive life, love, and leadership topics.

The REAL Essentials Curriculum was developed by the Center for Relationship Education, and it is a unique program specifically designed to help equip, empower, and educate students.

During the summer, we offer FREE age-appropriate classes for students who completed 4th-8th grade.

New Dates Published Each May

7th & 8th Grade


  • Getting Inside the Teen Brain
  • How Do I Feel Loved?
  • Friendship and Dating
  • Sexual Activity and STD’s: Fact or Fiction
  • How HIV Is Transmitted
  • Looking Ahead to High School

5th & 6th Grade


  • Review of PIESS, Anatomy and  Body Changes
  • The Womb
  • The Biology of Conception
  • The Impact of Sexual Transmitted Diseases/Infections
  • Decision Making
  • Toxic Friendships: How Do You Feel Loved? Internet and Texting

4th Grade


  • Whole Body Health (P.I.E.S.S.)
  • Grooming & Manners
  • Life Sequencing
  • Decision Making & Goal Setting

All classes will be held on the above dates at the Heart to Heart office building: 920 E Sheridan Street.

​Please contact Elaine Taylor at education@heart2heart.center, or call our offices 307-745-3444,

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